2023 NBA Mock Draft Including Best Bets & Sleeper Picks

Projecting every pick in the upcoming NBA Draft and the corresponding best bets you should take advantage of

2023 NBA Mock Draft & Best Bets

Now that the NBA Draft order is set, it’s 2023 Mock Draft time. Teams will be making their selections on Thursday, June 22 and NBA Draft betting markets can be some of the most lucrative if you stay on top of news and take personal stands. We saw that last year when the Orlando Magic selected Paolo Banchero No. 1 overall after it was rumored that Jabari Smith Jr. would go first for the weeks leading up to the big day.

This year, it’s almost certain that international phenom Victor Wembanyama will go first overall, but a lot can change from now until the day of the draft. Below, you’ll see the first edition of my 2023 NBA Mock Draft, analysis for each pick and an associated best bet (with the best odds) for every possible betting market.

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Updated as of Thursday June 22, 2023 at 6:10pm EST

2023 NBA Draft Mock Draft: Top 5 Picks

1. San Antonio: Victor Wembanyama 

At 7’5, Wembanyama is one of the most prestigious NBA prospects in recent memory. With ball-handling skills like a guard and a ridiculous wingspan, the 19 year old put up 21.3 points, 9.9 rebounds, 2.2 assists and 3.2 blocks in the French professional league and is expected to be a transcendent star at this level instantly. All of a sudden, Gregg Popovich might want to coach another decade! Best Bet: Wembanyama to win Rookie of the Year (+225, Bet365)

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2. Charlotte: Scoot Henderson

While there's a lot of confusion of who the Hornets will take here, I don't think it's particularly close with who the best overall player is. While he may not be a traditional fit alongside LaMelo Ball, it'd be silly to pass on him. Best bet: 2nd overall pick (+190, BetMGM).

3. Portland: Amen Thompson

While it seems like it'd be a lock for Brandon Miller to go here, Portland has been intrigued with Amen Thompson and in my opinion, he'd be a better fit with more upside alongside Damian Lillard. If the Blazers move Lillard, he'd also be a natural ball-handler. Best bet: 3rd overall pick (+450, BetMGM), Wembanyama-Henderson-Amen exact order (+600, Bet365).

4. Houston: Brandon Miller

If he doesn't go second overall, I think Miller will slide to number four, where he'd join one of the most exciting young cores in the NBA. Best bet: 4th overall pick (+1000, Bet365)

5. Detroit: Bilal Coulibaly

Playing next to Wembanyama gave Coulibaly some attention, but he seemingly has the makings of a future NBA defensive star based on his wingspan and motor.

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Bet $5 Get $150 OR Up To $1000 First Bet Safety Net!
Bet365 Lets YOU Choose Which Offer You Want. Use the mobile app or desktop website to deposit easily. 21+. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER
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2023 NBA Draft Mock Draft: First Round Picks

6. Orlando: Ausar Thompson

The entire Magic core is already signed for next season. Rookie of the Year Paolo Banchero and center Wendell Carter will man the frontcourt. Cole Anthony, Markelle Fultz and Jaylen Suggs will be a part of a backcourt rotation. Franz Wagner will look to improve once again on the wing while Bol Bol will also be back. Thompson is going to be an offensive project based on his shooting form, but is an explosive playmaker, versatile defender and seemingly has All-Star potential. He'll be the best player on the board at this spot. Best Bet: Thompson to be selected 6th overall (+200, Unibet)

7. Indiana: Cam Whitmore

Best bet: 7th overall pick (+750, Bet365).

8. Washington: Jarace Walker

Best bet: 8th overall pick (+1400, Bet365).

9. Utah: Anthony Black

Best bet: 9th overall pick (+700, BetMGM).

10. Dallas: Dereck Lively II

Best bet: 10th overall pick (+180, Bet365).

11. Orlando (from Chicago): Taylor Hendricks

Hendricks will feel right at home in Orlando, where he starred for UCF in his one-and-done year. At 6'9, he shot 39.4% on 4.6 three-point attempts per game and has defensive upside.

12. Oklahoma City: Gradey Dick

13. Toronto: Jalen Hood-Schifino

At 6'6, the former Indiana point guard could fit in perfectly in Toronto, especially if Fred VanVleet moves on. He'd have instant versatility alongside Scottie Barnes, Pascal Siakam and OG Anunoby. Best bet: Hood-Schifino under pick 14.5 (-170, Bet365).

14. New Orleans: Kobe Bufkin

He might not have showed it off every game at Michigan, but this combo guard is a solid offensive player who would fit in well alongside Dyson Daniels in New Orleans' future backcourt. Best Bet: Bufkin to be selected after Pick 13.5 (+200, Bet365).

15. Atlanta: Jordan Hawkins

16. Utah (from Minnesota): Keyonte George

George is one of the best shot-makers in this class and attacks the rim with physicality. The former Baylor guard would fit in well in Utah's rebuild.

17. Los Angeles Lakers: Jett Howard

Howard has a long relationship with Rob Pelinka and just so happens to be one of the best shot-makers in this class. The Michigan wing would be asked to play solid minutes off the bench and would be able to instantly deliver. He also has upside as a passer and defender, thus making him valuable in a number of ways. Best bet: Top 20 pick (-165, Bet365)

18. Miami: Cason Wallace

This physical point guard starred at Kentucky and would be a logical replacement for Kyle Lowry.

19. Golden State: Jaime Jaquez Jr.

The Warriors' window is closing and I expect them to bring in an experienced producer. Jaquez has been absolutely cooking his opponents in workouts during the pre-draft period and this pick makes perfect sense. Best Bet: Jaquez Top 20 pick (+300, Bet365).

20. Houston (from LA Clippers): Nick Smith Jr.

21. Brooklyn (from Phoenix): Leonard Miller

22. Brooklyn: Brice Sensabaugh

23. Portland (from New York): Maxwell Lewis

24. Sacramento: Kris Murray

What better fit for Kris than joining twin brother Keegan in Sacramento? The Kings could use his scoring ability on their second unit and there's some natural chemistry between him and his bro!

25. Boston (from Memphis): Ben Sheppard

26. Indiana (from Cleveland): Brandin Podziemski

27. Charlotte (from Denver via New York and Oklahoma City): GG Jackson

After taking Brandon Miller second overall, grabbing Jackson at No. 27 makes a ton of sense. As a perimeter threat (5.3 attempted threes per game at South Carolina), he would be a great pick-and-pop option for LaMelo Ball. Best bet: 1st round pick (-160, Bet365).

28. Utah (from Philadelphia via Brooklyn): Rayan Rupert

29. Denver (from India via Boston): Tristan Vukcevic

Nikola Jokic is from Serbia. Tristan Vukcevic is from Serbia and has many of the characteristics that a young Jokic had. The Nuggets didn't move up and acquire more draft picks for no reason; they have someone in mind. My educated guess is that it's Vukcevic. Best bet: 1st round pick (+1800, Bet365).

30. Wizards (from Clippers via Milwaukee via Houston): Dariq Whitehead

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2023 NBA 2nd Round Mock Draft Picks

31. Detroit: Amari Bailey

32. Denver (from Indiana via Houston): Marcus Sasser

33. San Antonio: Julian Phillips

34. Charlotte (from Charlotte via Philadelphia and Atlanta): Olivier-Maxence Prosper

35. Washington (from Memphis, via Boston, Portland, Atlanta, LA Clippers, Detroit, and Cleveland): Ricky Council IV

36. Orlando: Sidy Cissoko

37. Denver (from Thunder via Washington via New Orleans): Keyontae Johnson

38. Sacramento (from Indiana): Trayce Jackson-Davis

39. Charlotte (from Utah via New York): Noah Clowney

40. Indiana (from Indian via Denver, Dallas, Oklahoma City): Julian Strawther

41. Charlotte (from Oklahoma City via New York and Boston): Andre Jackson Jr.

42. Washington (from Chicago via Los Angeles Lakers and Washington): Jordan Walsh

43. Portland (from Atlanta): Adama Sanogo

44. San Antonio (from Toronto): James Nnaji

45. Memphis (from Minnesota): Chris Livingston

46. Atlanta (from New Orleans): Jalen Wilson

47. Los Angeles Lakers: Colby Jones

48. LA Clippers: Seth Lunch

49. Cleveland (from Golden State via Utah and New Orleans): Terquavion Smith

50. Oklahoma City (from Miami via Boston, Memphis, and Dallas): Efe Abogidi

51. Brooklyn: Jazian Gortman

52. Phoenix: Emoni Bates

53. Minnesota (from New York via Charlotte): Nikola Djurisic

54. Sacramento: Azuolas Tubelis

55. Indiana (from Cleveland via Milwaukee and Detroit): Kobe Brown

56. Memphis: Craig Porter Jr.

Chicago (from Denver via Cleveland): forfeited 

— Philadelphia: forfeited

59. Washington (from Boston via Charlotte): Jalen Slawson

60. Milwaukee: Colin Castleton

How To Bet The NBA Draft

When it comes to NBA Draft betting, there are several types of bets you can consider. Here are some common bet types associated with the NBA Draft:

  1. Draft Position: This type of bet involves predicting the draft position of a specific player. For example, you might bet on whether a certain player will be selected within the top 5 picks or if they will fall outside the top 10 picks.
  2. Player Matchups: In player matchups, you can bet on which player will be drafted higher between two specific prospects. Sportsbooks will pair up players, and you have to choose the one you think will be selected earlier.
  3. Team Prop Bets: These bets involve predicting what a specific team will do during the draft. Examples include betting on whether a team will trade up or down in the draft, whether they will select a player from a particular college, or if they will draft a player at a specific position.
  4. Draft Order: This type of bet involves predicting the exact order in which the players will be selected in the draft. It is a more challenging bet but can offer higher payouts.
  5. Over/Under: Some sportsbooks may offer over/under bets on various draft-related metrics, such as the total number of players selected from a specific conference or college, the total number of international players drafted, or the total number of trades that occur during the draft.
  6. Special Prop Bets: These are unique and specific bets related to the draft that can vary depending on the sportsbook. They might include bets on whether a specific player will be booed or cheered by the fans when selected or whether a team will draft a player from a specific country.

It's worth noting that the availability of specific bet types can vary depending on the sportsbook or online platform you use for NBA Draft betting. Always check the available markets and odds before placing any bets.

While I can provide you with general information and strategies, it's important to note that predicting the outcome of the NBA Draft can be challenging, as there are numerous variables and uncertainties involved. Expert analysis from sports analysts, draft experts, and NBA insiders can be valuable in informing your betting decisions. Here are a few factors to consider and avenues for expert analysis when betting on the NBA Draft:

  1. Mock Drafts: Following mock drafts from reputable sources can provide insight into the projected order and potential landing spots for players. Experts who specialize in draft analysis often release mock drafts leading up to the event. Pay attention to analysts who have a track record of accurate predictions.
  2. Player Evaluations: Expert analysis can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of individual players. Evaluating player skills, potential, and fit within specific team systems can provide an edge when predicting draft positions or player performances.
  3. Team Needs: Understanding the needs and strategies of individual NBA teams is crucial. Expert analysis can shed light on which positions teams are likely to prioritize in the draft, potential trade scenarios, and the strategies employed by different front offices.
  4. Draft Combine Performance: The NBA Draft Combine allows players to showcase their skills in various tests and drills. Expert analysis of player performances and how they might translate to the NBA level can be valuable in assessing prospects and making informed betting decisions.
  5. Trade Rumors: Paying attention to credible trade rumors and speculation can be advantageous, as draft-day trades can significantly impact the draft order and player selections. Experts who have inside sources and access to team information can provide valuable insights into potential trade scenarios.
  6. Historical Data: Analyzing trends and patterns from previous drafts can provide insights into how certain teams approach the draft, the success rates of specific draft positions, and the impact of draft-day trades. Experts who study draft history can offer valuable perspectives on potential outcomes.

Remember that even with expert analysis, the NBA Draft remains unpredictable, and unexpected trades, surprises, or draft-day decisions can occur. It's essential to combine expert analysis with your own research and judgment, considering factors such as player injuries, team dynamics, and overall draft-day unpredictability. Additionally, responsible bankroll management and understanding the odds and probabilities are crucial elements of successful betting.

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