Back This Sleeper MLB Team To Win 2023 World Series

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2023 World Series Sleeper

The MLB season is still a few months away, but we have plenty of opinions on the latest odds to win the World Series. When it comes to future bets, it's always smart to look for the best value possible with some teams that maybe people won't be thinking of betting. It's these bets that can make you the huge amounts of money in the end on a small amount of risk, and it makes them extremely valuable.

These sleeper picks are intended to do just that, and here at BetQL, we will find you the best value possible on some teams that we think will be surprises. So be on the look out for these articles, and be sure to check them out for the best value possible! Let's all cash out large when we hit them at the end of the season.

Texas Rangers

One of my favorite teams for MLB futures bets is the Texas Rangers, who I believe will be a contender in 2023 that no one will see coming. They are severely underrated because they have been a complete afterthought in the AL West behind the Houston Astros, who have absolutely dominated them for the last five-plus years. Since 2017, the Astros have finished a combined total of 168 games ahead of the Rangers. It really hasn't even been a contest, but the times, they are a changing. I don't think sportsbooks or the public, in general, have really taken full notice of it yet, either, which makes the Rangers the perfect sleeper team for the 2023 MLB season.

They are currently sitting at +1000 to win the AL West behind the Astros and Mariners, and that is understandable based on how they have performed in recent campaigns. However, this is a totally different team than the ones we have seen as of late. They signed Corey Seager, Marcus Semien, and Jon Gray to long-term deals last offseason, as well as Jacob deGrom, Andrew Heaney and Nathan Eovaldi this offseason. I think they see 2023 as the perfect opportunity to get back into the race of real contenders, and they have pounced at the chance.

Texas also traded for Jake Odorizzi and re-signed Martín Pérez, putting together a starting rotation with a combined payroll salary of $106 million in 2023 alone; they spent $60 million on Semien and Seager as well. Money isn't everything, but it certainly helps. The Rangers also have some very talented young players like Adolis García, who had 27 home runs, 25 stolen bases and 101 RBIs last season, and Nathaniel Lowe, who slashed .339/.399/.566 in 72 games after the All-Star break. They also have six of the top 100 prospects, so plenty of resources to boot.

Obviously, Houston is still the massive favorite, but the Astros lost several key pieces like Justin Verlander, and their stars aren't getting any younger. They could take a step back, and Texas will be right there to take a step forward. You can get them as long as +5000 to win the World Series, +2500 to win the AL Pennant and +1000 to win the AL West, so browse the best odds and our best sportsbook welcome offers below!