Real Sociedad
Today, 8:00 PM
Real Madrid
RSO +254 O/U 2.5
Fri 3/5, 8:00 PM
VILL +107 O/U 2.5
Sat 3/6, 1:00 PM
Real Valladolid
GET +189 O/U 1.5 & 2
Sat 3/6, 8:00 PM
BAR -182 O/U 3
Real Madrid
Sun 3/7, 3:15 PM
Atletico Madrid
MAD +151 O/U 2 & 2.5
Sun 3/7, 5:30 PM
Real Sociedad
RSO -192 O/U 2.5
Sun 3/7, 8:00 PM
Athletic Bilbao
-- --

La Liga Betting Guide

How to bet on La Liga soccer

In addition to our NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball and Bundesliga offerings, BetQL is proud to announce our La Liga, English Premier League and Serie A products. Subscribers now have access to our model's best bets, live public data and game pages for every single upcoming match! For more information about our La Liga product, keep reading.

La Liga Best Bets

Our proprietary models assign a 1-5 star rating to every spread, moneyline and over/under bet. Our best bets are determined by the difference between our projection and the consensus odds.

Five-star bets are the most valuable bets, followed by four-star bets and so on. The goal of the star ratings model is to make betting as straightforward as possible. The 5-star bets are the best bets because our model indicates a significantly different outcome relative to the current sportsbook line. Conversely, 1-star bets indicate a projected line that is very similar to the sportsbook line — typically a losing proposition for a bettor in the long run. 

Check out our La Liga Best Bets Dashboard.

La Liga Public Data

Public data tells you which side the general public is betting on. It measures the number of bet slips on both sides of a wager. On BetQL, this is signified by “Ticket %.”

In the example above, if Real Madrid (-394) have attracted 78% of the tickets, Eibar (+1006) has attracted 11% and the Draw (+529) has attracted 11%, that means that 78% of total public moneyline tickets are backing Madrid as the favorites (at any monetary value) while 11% are backing Eibar and 11% are backing the Draw. To be clear, this should not be confused with total money or handle, but rather the percentage of total bets wagered on a particular outcome. Therefore, in the example above, if 100 bets were placed (of any dollar amount), 78 of them backed Madrid, 11 of them backed Eibar and 11 backed the Draw.

View BetQL's La Liga Public Betting Dashboard.

Single-Game Soccer Bet Types 

Betting Soccer Moneylines

When betting the moneyline, you are betting on the side to win the game, regardless of the final score or margin.  A negative moneyline denotes the favored side. A positive moneyline denotes the underdog. In soccer, a "draw" outcome can also be bet on in addition to Team A or Team B. You may calculate your potential return before placing a moneyline bet by using the following guidelines:

Favorites: The amount of money you must bet in order to return $100 on a successful bet.  Example: Borussia Dortmund -135: a $135 bet will return $100 if Borussia Dortmund wins.

Underdogs: The amount of money you will win if your $100 bet is successful.  Example: Draw +291: a $100 bet will return $291 if the game ends in a tie.

Betting Soccer Spreads

In spread bets, a team must cover the listed margin.  Negative numbers indicate the favored team. For example, if the spread is listed as Hertha -0.5, they must win the game by a goal in order to cover the spread. If it was -1.5, they'd have to win the game by two goals to cover the spread. Conversely, if the line is listed as FC Union Berlin +1.5, they must lose by 1 goal, or win the game outright, in order to cover the spread.

Betting Soccer Totals

Total bets are won and lost depending on the total number of goals scored by the two teams combined. An Under bet is successful when the two teams combine to score fewer than the listed number of goals and an Over bet is successful when the two teams combine to score more than the listed number of goals.

ExampleEintracht Frankfurt vs. Bayern Munchen O/U 3.5

  • The Under is successful if the two teams score 3 or fewer combined goals.
  • The Over is successful if the two teams score 4 or more combined goals.
  • If the O/U is a whole number, the bet is a push if the two teams score exactly that amount.

Betting Single Half Soccer Lines 

Single half bets may be offered as spread, moneyline or total bets.  Single half bet definitions are identical to their full-game counterparts, with the caveat that single half bets are graded after one half of action. If the Lions are leading the game at halftime in the example above, they'd win the bet.

Multiple-Game SoccerBet Types


Using parlays, you can combine multiple individual bets in order to increase your potential return.  In order for a parlay bet to be successful, each individual bet must hit. If any single component is unsuccessful, the entire parlay will be graded as a loss. This style of betting appeals to bettors who eye exponentially-larger payouts, but have much lower odds of winning. 


A teaser is a type of parlay that has a line that is more favorable to the bettor, at the cost of a lower potential payout when the bet is successful. 

Other Soccer Bet Types  


A futures bet refers to any bet that will be settled in the future.

Examples: team accolades (championship winners, etc), player accolades (top goal scorer, etc) and over/unders (team win totals, player statistics, etc). 

Prop Bets

A prop, or “proposition”, is a bet made regarding the occurrence or non-occurrence of a given event during a game. Sportsbooks attach moneyline odds to these bets and they can be settled before the game goes final.

Example: a given player to score a goal

Live Betting

Live betting takes place after the game has started and features in-game props and other bet types. This style of betting features the quickest payouts in the industry and puts bettors right in the action. 

For the latest soccer parlay, teaser, prop, future and live betting opportunities, visit BetQL’s Exclusive Sportsbook Offers Page or select your state from the banner below.