Lionel Messi Acquisition Makes Paris Saint-Germain a Huge Liability for BetMGM

A look at the updated odds for PSG

Paris Saint-Germain shook the soccer/ futbol world after reaching a two-year agreement with one of the best players ever in Lionel Messi. The Messi move also impacted the gambling world, as PSG's odds were impacted greatly across the board.

“PSG has managed to cultivate the most threatening front three ever in world football," said Darren Darby, Sports Analyst at BetMGM. "In addition to adding Messi, the team has signed Ramos, Wijnaldum, Hakim, and Donnaruma."

The move is already paying off for PSG at BetMGM when it comes to Champions League Title Odds. The French giants opened at +1000 earlier in the offseason, but their odds have significantly shortened to +350 since their big acquisitions.

"PSG has the best squad on paper and is the betting favorite to win the Champions League," Darby stated.

Messi, Kylian Mbappe, Neymar, and Angel di Maria should dominate Ligue 1 defenses. Buckle up, because this team is going to be entertaining to watch and wager on.

Per BetMGM, PSG has both the highest amount of individual bets and the most money on them to win the Champions League. PSG's ticket percentage of 39.8% is more than double Manchester City's (15.7%), making them BetMGM's biggest liability heading into the season.

Messi has not won a Champions League title since 2014-15, but he now has his best chance in recent years to do so.

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