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PointsBet Sportsbook Review



PointsBet is one of the newest online sportsbooks but has quickly made strides as one of the most popular and innovative. Unlike other online sportsbooks that had previous experience in daily fantasy sports or the casino and resort industry, PointsBet has no such history. The company was launched in January 2019 and had to more or less start from scratch. In addition to traditional forms of betting, PointsBet has created a new style of high-risk-high-reward betting for users and introduced several new types of betting that can’t be found with other sportsbooks. In other words, PointsBet hasn’t been afraid to be a little different, allowing it to make waves in the sports betting industry as a result.

Promos & Offers

No Offer for current state.

Some Quick Pros & Cons


  • Unique “Pointsbetting” system that is attractive to more experienced players by allowing them the opportunity to win more with accurate bets.
  • Has an attractive interface that’s easy to navigate and offers a wide range of sports and betting options.
  • Offers up to 300 unique bets for major sporting events, creating a variety of options, including traditional betting methods.


  • “Pointsbetting” system can cause users to lose more money than they initially wagered.
  • Help functions are hidden at the bottom of the page with no phone number available, only email and live chat.
  • Offers fewer options for deposits and withdrawals than other sportsbooks, most notably a lack of eWallet options.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Deposits wise, players can choose between a number of popular banking methods which includes PayPal, direct bank transfer, Skrill and Visa/MasterCard credit and debit cards. However, players should be be aware of some banks refusing to process online gambling transfers this time, which is why using PayPal as a middle point for such transfers is always a good idea.

MethodTypeProcessing TimeMinimumDepositWithdraw
VisaVisaCredit/Debit CardInstant$10
MastercardMastercardCredit/Debit CardInstant$10
At SportsbookAt SportsbookCashInstant$10
Online BankingOnline Bankinge-WalletInstant$10
In-Depth Reviews

The thing that separates PointsBet from other sportsbooks is its proprietary method of wagers called “Pointsbetting.” This gives users a chance to make extra money for being right but risk losing more money if they’re wrong. This type of betting can be applied to point spreads, totals, and a few types of prop bets. Essentially, if you win a bet by one unit, you win what you wagered. If you win your bet by five units, you win your wager multiple by five. If you win your bet by 10 units, you win your wager multiplied by 10. However, the same applies to losses, so if you lose your bet by five units, you lose five multiples by your wager.

Naturally, this method is high-risk but also high-reward for bettors. It sounds appealing, although it should be geared more toward experienced bettors. It’s also worth noting that PointsBet has a stop-loss slider that can help users put limits on their bets to avoid losing more than they can afford. The “Pointsbetting” method helps to keep games interesting no matter the score while the guardrails in place can help prevent players from making a terrible and costly mistake.

Outside of this unique type of betting, PointsBet also offers more traditional methods that pay out winnings just like any other sportsbook. The PointsBet sportsbook offers bets on over 20 different sports, covering all of the mainstream sports, as well as some more niche sports. There is also a healthy amount of prop bets and less traditional bets available, especially for more prominent sporting events. However, the number of betting options for sporting events can dwindle with less popular sports.

Finally, PointsBet differentiates from more traditional sportsbooks in less appealing ways. For example, there are fewer payment options when making deposits than most competing sportsbooks. Specifically, eWallets like PayPal aren’t an option for users, which can be an inconvenience. Also, the customer support options are hidden at the bottom of the PointsBet main page, making them tough to find. There is also no phone number for users to call and speak with a person, although there is a live chatting option for those looking for help.

Promotions are another area where PointsBet is on par or better than most competing sportsbooks. New users can receive up to $2,000 in two risk-free bets after signing up. Users who lose their first traditional fixed-rate bet will have their losses matched in free bet credits up to $500 while a user’s first “PointsBetting” wager will be refunded in free bet credits up to $1,500.

At any given time, PointsBet could offer over a dozen other promotions outside of its welcome promotion. There are boosters, referral bonuses, parlays bonuses, a rewards program, all of which make it enticing for users to make PointsBet their exclusive sportsbook. PointsBet also offers a Karma Kommittee that works to correct unfortunate occurrences that sometimes happen to bettors. This is yet another innovative method that separates PointsBet from competing sportsbooks.

The PointsBet mobile app is just as innovative and easy to navigate as the PointsBet website. Even with a proprietary method of betting that’s unique to PointsBet and a vast number of bets for major sporting events, the app is still intuitive and easy to use. Most of the bugs have been worked out, so there is not much chance for users to get lost or confused while using the mobile app. Outside of some of the shortcomings that PointsBet has overall, there are no serious issues or problems with the mobile app.

It’s safe to say that PointsBet is unlike any other online or mobile sportsbook. The company is young, exciting, and unafraid to think differently. While it offers a wide range of traditional bets that are available elsewhere, PointsBet’s unique and progressive form of betting stands out from the pack. The catch is that this form of betting is not for the faint of heart and should be limited to more experienced users. There are also areas where PointsBet is still lagging behind some of the more established sportsbooks. However, there is no denying that PointsBet is easy to use and offers an experience that other sportsbooks can match. It also has enough promotions to be described as one of the most fan-friendly sportsbooks available.