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Frequently Asked Questions
How are the team ratings determined?
The team ratings use a strategic combination of historical team results, the current matchup (including anticipated starters) and the projected outcome. Team ratings are dynamic and will update based on major player injury news.
How is a projected line calculated from the team ratings?
The team’s offensive rating is the core piece and carries the most weight. The defensive rating as well as home field advantage are each significant factors. Other factors (weather, injuries, narratives, etc.) are taken into consideration and applied where appropriate.
Are injuries factored into the team rating?
Yes. Replacement value is calculated and applied where appropriate.
How can I determine which bets to make based on the star ratings?
The goal of the star ratings model is to make betting very easy and straightforward. The 5-star bets are quite literally the best bets because the model indicates a significantly different outcome relative to the current sportsbook line. Conversely, 1-star bets indicate a projected line that is very similar to the sportsbook line — typically a losing proposition for a bettor in the long run.

Generally speaking, 3-star bets and better are recommended for the average user. A more aggressive bettor can bet 2-star games, while a more conservative bettor should stick to 4 and 5-star bets.

Additionally, you are able to scale the wager based on star rating. For example, it you are aggressively betting all bets rated 2-stars and above, we recommend that you bet a larger percentage of your bankroll on a 5-star bet than a 2-star bet.

Star RatingDescription
Best value
Strong value
Good value
Some value
No bet
Why do the star ratings change?
There are a number of factors that could alter the star rating. Speculation around injuries, weather, narratives, etc. oftentimes move the line throughout the day/week leading up to a game and, since our evaluation of the matchup is relative to the sportsbook, will impact the star rating.

Keep in mind, movement often revolves around the sportsbook looking to hedge against significant loss. Fortunately, our model is deaf to the noise so you get consistent winners.