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XFL Betting Lines

The XFL is back and BetQL is here to help you with everything related to betting this new football. XFL betting lines may look a little bit different than their counterpoints in the NFL and that is mainly because of the rule changes. In the XFL a point after can count for either 1,2, or 3 points depending on what the team goes for. The XFL also does not allow teams to kick a point after, so teams must run an actual play to score after their touchdown. These changes in the rules makes betting the XFL more difficult. In the NFL it is common to see a +/- 6.5 or 3.5 point spread whereas in the XFL the most common lines are +/- 7.5. The experts who make XFL betting lines must try and account for all the different score variations. Since the league is so new and the talent is limited that means it is even more crucial to use data to try and profit while betting the XFL. At BetQL you can always find the most updated XFL betting lines and all the other data you will need to start cashing more XFL tickets!

XFL Odds

Keeping up with XFL odds can be difficult. A brand-new league and brand-new rules means a lot of movement in terms of betting. BetQL has the most updated XFL odds because we work close with the sportsbooks, so any change on their end is reflected instantly on our site. Overall the XFL odds are not much different than the odds for NFL games. If you are betting an XFL point spread, you will see the most common XFL odds are (-110) on both sides. Unfortunately, you still must pay your vig to the sportsbook to be able to bet on XFL games. XFL odds may move quickly as it gets closer to kick off, so it is important to check back to make sure you are getting the most value, and you can always find updated XFL odds at BetQL.

XFL Point Spreads

Tracking and keeping your eye on XFL point spreads can be difficult. The rule changes from the NFL and the lower level of talent means that an XFL point spreads can range anywhere from 3 to 10 points. Obviously, you have to find value in XFL point spreads when you are betting if you want to be profitable, and to find value you have to look at a ton of different data points. At BetQL our model looks at dozens of metrics to decide which XFL point spreads have value and rates them with our Best Bet stars. XFL point spreads also move throughout the week so you want to make sure you are looking at the most updated XFL point spreads before you bet. If you want to start cashing tickets betting on the XFL you need to start using BetQL!