LISTEN: Is Week 2 A Must-Win For The Washington Football Team?

Chelsa Messinger and Michael Jenkins discussed the Week 2 Thursday Night Football matchup on The Daily Tip

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  • Chelsa Messinger and Michael Jenkins discuss the Week 2 matchup between the Washington Football Team and New York Giants

  • Is this a must-win for the Football Team?

  • Hear Messinger and Jenkins give their takes and why on The Daily Tip

The New York Giants will take on the Washington Football Team on Thursday Night Football to kick off Week 2. Chelsa Messinger and Michael Jenkins dove into this matchup on Thursday’s Daily Tip and discussed whether or not this is a must-win for the Football Team.

Is Thursday Night a Must-Win for the Football Team?

Both teams in this game are hoping to not start this season off 0-2 after their Week 1 losses. Does this make Thursday night a must-win for the Giants since they’re facing the Buffalo Bills in Week 3? Ron Rivera thinks so, as he characterized this matchup as such when he spoke to the media. Messinger and Jenkins gave their thoughts on his comments.

“I hate the term ‘must-win’ the second game of the year … but you do have to win your divisional games, especially against teams that you’re supposed to win against,” Messinger said. “Especially at home and especially when you have the (Buffalo) Bills lurking in Week 3.” 

“If you look at last year,” she continued. “11 teams went 0-2 and none of them made the playoffs. So maybe it is a must-win.”

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What Does Jenkins Think About Rivera’s Comments?

“I think for me what he said, what I took out of it … it’s that Week 3 game against the Bills,” Jenkins said. “Washington, I do not believe, will win that game. So, for me, Ron Rivera is looking at his schedule and saying, ‘Oh, we got Buffalo next? That’s a possibility we start the season 0-3 if we lose on Thursday night.’” 

“So, they really need tonight’s game,” he added. “Otherwise they’re staring 0-3 in the face. That’s sort of what I took from that.”

This is absolutely a must-win for the Football Team. And for the Giants, too, though. I mean, who wants to start the season off 0-2? This should be a must-win for any team, especially if you think like Bill Belichick or Tom Brady and see every game as a must-win. 

Hear which Over Jenkins is going with in this game, and more, in the audio above.

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