Robert Mays: Dallas Cowboys Can Be a Double-Digit Win Team

Abbott and Mays Talk NHL Playoffs and NFL

Yesterday, Kris Abbott and Robert Mays joined Nick Kostos and Ken Barkley on You Better You Bet to talk NHL Playoffs and NFL.

Here are some of the most notable nuggets from the show:

Abbott on Colorado-Vegas Series

Vegas won that game last night, but they had no business winning ... A series price for Colorado at +260, I'd be all over that. If they win Game 6, I think they're winning Game 7 at home.

They've played better than Vegas for pretty good stretches in this series. If you are going to bet on Colorado in Game 6, you might as well bet the series price and get a little more.

Mays on Julio Jones Trade

Regarding Atlanta: You still have Calvin Ridley, whose a No. 1 WR at this stage in his career ... I also think Gage is an ok option at No. 2 ... You have Hayden Hurst and Kyle Pitts there. For the most part, it's still a decent offensive roster.

I think Arthur Smith is really good at what he does. Even without Julio, I wouldn't be shocked if they were a borderline top-10 offense.

Regarding Titans: I don't think it moves the needle that much. Julio is 32 and was available for a reason. He's been banged up, even though he's been on the field. Even with Julio, if you look at their top-11 offensively, it's a good group. Very similar to the group we've seen over the last couple of years that was first or second in most offensive efficiency metrics when Ryan Tannehill was playing QB. So, it's easy to get excited.

They are the best team getting off the bus. These guys getting off the bus look like the Monstars. But, they're still thin. We're one hamstring away from full-time Josh Reynolds ... Derrick Henry is coming off a season where he had a ton of touches and stayed relatively healthy.

If they lose one of their big three or four guys, there is not much behind them ... Big loss losing Arthur Smith. For the same reason I'm bullish on the Falcons with Smith as the play caller. Going from Arthur Smith to Todd Downing is a huge question mark.

There's enough question marks that even if they are the best bet in the AFC South, I have real questions as to how much closer they got to a team like Kansas City, Baltimore, or even Cleveland and Buffalo in that AFC race.

Mays on Dallas Cowboys Win Total

It's been a weirdly quiet offseason for the Cowboys ... If you look at the numbers last year, I'm pretty sure their over/ under was 9.5, and everyone was betting the over.

I think their number is 9 this year, and I think it's the other way, with a lot of people betting the under ... Not much has changed for them. The offensive personnel is just as good as it was last year. I would argue better than it was last year, because I think they are better protected from disaster with OL additions.

For the last couple of years, their offensive line was really, really thin, but their good players were really good ... I think they are better insulated from injury upfront this year. So if the range of outcomes for them and the floor is higher on offense, and their ceiling is still incredibly high because of that talent, why are we less excited about this version of the Cowboys?

I still think they can be a double-digit win team with that offensive talent they have.

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