Pete Prisco: Green Bay is Not Trading Aaron Rodgers

Christenson and Prisco discuss the upcoming NFL season and NBA Playoffs

Yesterday, Alex Christenson and Pete Prisco joined Nick Kostos and Ken Barkley on You Better You Bet to discuss the upcoming NFL Season and NBA Playoffs.

Here are some of the most notable nuggets from the show:

Christenson on How to Bet the Lakers in the First Round

Assuming both LeBron James and Anthony Davis are mostly healthy, I think the market has to make the Lakers a favorite. You look at the odds right now, they are still second favorites to win the title. I think the market is telling us they'd have to be a favorite to win not only the Western Conference but their first round series.

Against a team like Denver, I think without Jamal Murray it's going to be really tough for them. I think you are looking at a price like Lakers to win the series at a -300 ish kind of range. I would be bullish on the Nuggets there, probably more per game to game than a series price perspective. I would look to bet the Nuggets early in some of those games. At home, we will see if some of those fans are around. Maybe they will be small underdogs there and that will be a nice way to attack that series.

If it's Lakers-Clippers, I think the Clippers would be favorites. And, you'd be foolish to back the Lakers if they are less than +200. I think it will be pretty close, maybe at a Clippers -175, Lakers +150 kind of price in that series.

But, if it's Nuggets-Lakers, instead of attacking a series price, look for Nuggets night to night, especially when they are at home.

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Prisco's Draft Grades

As far as who did well, I thought there were three teams that did really well. I thought the Denver Broncos did an outstanding job. I think they were fantastic from top to bottom.

I thought the Dolphins had a nice draft. They added Waddle who I think gives them a Tyreke Hill kind of player. I think they added a good safety in Holland. They added Philips who can rush the passer, they needed an upgrade there. And an offensive lineman. That's good drafting right there.

And then the Vikings. I thought the Vikings were outstanding. Christian Darrisaw is one of my favorite players in the draft. He fell to them after they traded down. They also drafted a bunch of really good players. Wyatt Davis on the left side. One of the problems the Vikings have had is that they've been little on the offensive line. Now they got Darrisaw at LT and Davis at LG and all of a sudden you are big on that side.

Prisco on Aaron Rodgers

They're not going to trade him. Period. End of story. That's what I've been told through people, that there is no way they are trading him. Nor should they.

I think this is more about the money and contract than it is about wanting the general manager out or not being happy with the organization. Look, a QB should have no right to tell a GM that he wants Jake Kumerow around because he's his buddy. That's not his job. His job is to be able to go play quarterback, not to assemble the roster. So I think that stuff is petty.

I think in the end, what it comes down to is, he looks at the contracts and says look he's the MVP and he's not making the same amount of money as some of those other guys are. That's where the problem is. They'll resolve it, they'll figure it out. He'll play in Green Bay. I have no doubt in my mind he's playing in Green Bay.

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