Jadeveon Clowney’s Impact On Seattle’s Odds

Seattle’s front seven just got a whole lot scarier

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  • On Saturday, the Seattle Seahawks acquired edge rusher Jadeveon Clowney for linebacker Jacob Martin, pass rusher Barkevious Mingo, and a future third-round pick

  • The move is a bit of a stunner, as rumors swirled that Clowney was being shopped around just days before.

  • Clowney is an unrestricted free agent after this season, but now makes up a formidable front seven. 

Clowney’s Production

The 2018 season that Clowney put together was solid. In 15 games, he tallied 9.0 sacks (the second-highest total of his career). Clowney also managed to log 21 quarterback hits, tying his career-high. He chipped in 16 tackles for losses, too.

The pass rusher could use a change of scenery. His raw talent and ability will absolutely transform Seattle’s pass rush into a feared unit. Frank Clark led the team with 13.0 sacks in 2018, but Clowney is even better overall. Clark left for the Kansas City Chiefs, leaving the Seahawks desperate for a replacement. Clowney’s a great pass rusher with versatility that’s unteachable.

Seattle's Playoff Odds

The Seahawks won 10 games last season and eventually lost a 24-22 Wild Card matchup against the Dallas Cowboys.

Seattle’s rush defense ranked 17th-best in the NFL in 2018 and their pass defense came in at 14th-best. The Seahawks allowed 110.2 yards on the ground per game, ranking 21st in the NFL. They’ll gladly take on Clowney and his disruptive nature in the pocket. He’ll provide the secondary with some extra opportunity for interceptions by creating pressure, and he’ll help his defensive line teammates capture more sacks by flushing quarterbacks out of the pocket.

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This is a match made in heaven. The Seahawks were already projected to be in contention for a playoff bid to start the year, but with the addition of Clowney, it feels more like a lock. Seattle sits at +130 on DraftKings to make the postseason. Take that bet in a heartbeat.

NFC West Odds

Seattle finished second in their division behind the St. Louis Rams in 2018. DraftKings has Seattle at +275 to win their division, second-best ahead of the San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals. Seattle failed to win a game against the Rams last season but lost by two and five points in the two contests.

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Thankfully, St. Louis’ string of excellent seasons has left them losing parts along the way. With success comes expensive players. The Rams elected to allow defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and safety Lamarcus Joyner walk and made marginal replacements. On top of that, no one knows if Todd Gurley’s knee will hold up in 2019. It’s hard to dislike the Rams, but it’s clear that there are some question marks. 

On that note, it would seem that the Seahawks have a shot at competing for their division this season. A divisional win yields a nice payout, too. It’s a sure thing that quarterbacks Jared Goff, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Kyler Murray will be aware of Clowney’s location before every snap. He’ll cause some quicker and ill-advised passes. He will also help to lock up the skilled running backs that this division has to offer in Gurley, David Johnson, and San Francisco’s Tevin Coleman and Matt Breida.

NFC Chances

The Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts made the playoffs last season, but the Texans have made some questionable offseason moves (trading away Clowney and replacing Lamar Miller with Carlos Hyde) and the Colts lost their franchise quarterback, as Andrew Luck decided to hang it up. Neither team appears to pose much of a threat to Seattle in 2019.    

The Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles, and New Orleans Saints pose tougher matchups for Seattle. Chicago’s top-ranked defense along with the Eagles and Saints’ overall greatness makes for brutal competition. The Saints protected Drew Brees better than any other NFC team protected their quarterback in 2018. The Eagles will be great, unless injury-prone Carson Wentz has any issues. The Bears’ defense will be amazing yet again, but can their offense produce enough?

DraftKings has the Seahawks at +1400 to win their conference. Don’t bet on that happening. Clowney brings a tremendous upside to this defensive unit, but it shouldn’t be something that pushes them over the hump to take down a team like the Saints or Eagles. Never say never, but this feels like a Hail Mary.

Super Bowl Chances

The Seahawks odds of taking home the big prize sits at +3000. This is a major long shot, as it’ll be difficult to navigate through the NFC, let alone the New England Patriots or Kansas City Chiefs (most likely) at then end. The Seahawks made a reasonable gamble by acquiring the star pass rusher and it was a wise move at that. Clowney brings so much to the table and can drastically transform any team’s chances.

However, it’s not enough to push Seattle over the hump against great AFC teams like the Chiefs and Patriots. There won’t be any confetti-showered parades at the end of the season for them, but they’ll likely be a team that opponents won’t want to see in the playoffs. The Seahawks could come close to making a big splash in the postseason, but chances are, they’ll be eliminated by the NFC Championship game by a superior team. 

Get your money on the Seahawks making the playoffs and maybe even consider an underdog bet for the NFC West winner, but that’s where the wagering should stop. If you like to pray for miracles, then set your money on fire and pick Seattle to win the conference or the Super Bowl. The addition of Clowney is a big time acquisition and sends rumblings throughout the league, but it just won’t be enough to catapult the Seahawks to the ultimate prize.

Note: The advice above represents the writer's personal view and does not reflect or represent BetQL's stance or interest in any way.