Browns Will Start Deshaun Watson In Preseason Week 1

A closer look at Cleveland's QB situation

Watson To Get The Start Friday vs. Jaguars

Deshaun Watson, the highly-scrutinized former All-Pro, is listed as the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns' preseason opener against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Friday.

It doesn't really come as a shock, as the preseason doesn't count toward suspensions, and Watson will still be the starter for them whenever he can actually play. He was given a six-game regular-season suspension, but as any NFL fan knows, the league certainly wasn't going to let him get away with that short of a sentence. They appealed the longevity of the suspension, hoping to get a longer one. Nonetheless, Friday will mark Watson's first game with the Browns since Cleveland acquired him in a trade with the Houston Texans.

It actually is possible that he misses the start still, as the appeal could be granted before the game, and extend into the preseason. If that happens, who will be the starter for Cleveland in Game 1? The acquisition of Watson signaled the end of the Baker Mayfield era when Cleveland traded the former No. 1 pick to the Carolina Panthers. He won't be around to save the day, but they don't have the worst options in the world as a backup. Former Indianapolis Colts starter Jacoby Brissett is the backup quarterback and will start in the regular season when Watson misses time. He should see time in this preseason game. Brissett isn't spectacular, and he isn't going to wow anyone with his play, but he is serviceable. In fact, you could say that the Browns have one of the best quarterback rooms in the league with Watson as a starter and Brissett backing him up.

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