Barkley: Betting Against Preseason Ravens is "Dumbest Idea on Earth"

What does the BetQL Model project for the Ravens this season?

The Baltimore Ravens have historically had a great record of preseason victories, but will this trend continue in their first game against the Titans?

You Better You Bet's Ken Barkley and Nick Kostos are diving into preseason football and took a look at the Ravens ahead of their first game. And Barkley isn't even thinking about betting against Baltimore, as the team has won 20 straight preseason games.

The spread for this Ravens-Titans matchup has been as wide as Ravens -5 with Baltimore now as 3-point favorites and Barkley thinks this has to do with Lamar Jackson not playing in this game. But he doesn't think that should change how you bet on this team.

"What am I going to do, bet against Baltimore in the preseason? Doesn't that sound like the dumbest idea on Earth?," he said. "Regardless of who the quarterbacks are of either team. Just seems like a bad idea. So I look at the quarterback depth chart if I don't think (Tyler) Huntley's going to play a lot, yeah I like Tennessee a little bit, but bet against Baltimore? That sounds like one of the worst ideas I've ever heard in the preseason."

Will Baltimore have as much regular-season success this year as they've had in previous preseasons?

Their odds to win the Super Bowl this season are at +2000 at FanDuel; they're +1000 to win the AFC and they're the favorites to win the AFC North at +160. The BetQL Model gives them a 45-percent chance to make the playoffs and a 20-percent chance to win the division. If you want to get in on their odds to make the playoffs, you can get that at -156 and at +128 to miss the playoffs. The over/under on their win total is at 10.5 at FanDuel and if you want to get in on that, you can get the over at +100 and the under at -120 at FanDuel.

Hear the rest of Barkley's thoughts on this in the video above!