Patriots Were Jonesing For Unexpected Picks in 2022 NFL Draft

The Patriots' did a solid job taking some interesting names in this year's NFL Draft

The 2022 NFL Draft for the Patriots was, in a word, strange. That is the one and only pun I will make about Bill Belichick taking Cole Strange as the team's first-round pick.  

And so began for the Patriots what Adam Schefter tweeted one NFL veteran front-office executive called “the craziest draft I’ve seen in 30 years.”

There were really no splashy players in this draft class, so it wasn’t like the Patriots missed a highly sought-after pick, but the reaction was still one of confusion and frustration when it was announced Strange was the pick. Or in the case of Sean McVay, laughter. 


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However, as a whole, the Patriots' draft class this year is pretty solid. After Strange, they took Tyquan Thornton, Marcus Jones, Jack Jones, Pierre Strong Jr.. Bailey Zappe, Kevin Harris, Sam Roberts, Chasen Hines and Andrew Stueber. What a crop. And what a group of guys with solid names and easy to pronounce, which I’m sure was much to the appreciation of those announcing the picks on stage (Zappe like Zappy). 

Take more players named Jones, why don’t you. It's almost like Belichick wanted to go with a theme for his picks to spice up the draft. 

All in all, considering the names involved in this Draft, I would give the Patriots a B for this group. I would give them a B+ or even an A, but there is one glaring omission from their picks. And that is none other than Nakobe Dean. This guy was everywhere saying how much he loves the Patriots and his mom is a huge fan of Belichick. Yes, there were some medical concerns and that’s likely why Belichick didn’t take him. But THAT was a disappointment because many were saying he would be a perfect fit in New England.

 But I’m assuming Belichick knows something I don’t about him that might be a red flag. I'm assuming Belichick knows something I don't about a lot of things. So I can let this one slide and award them a solid B. Also, there don’t seem to be any real cons about Strange. So, yes, there was outrage about him as the pick, but sports fans in Boston are nothing if not outraged about something so I see that dying down. 

In Belichick We Trust.