The Daily Tip: How Will Russell Westbrook Adjust With the Los Angeles Lakers?

Michael Jenkins and Chelsa Messinger disagree about how Westbrook will adjust to playing with LeBron James and the Lakers

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As if there wasn’t enough going on in sports on Thursday night with the NBA Draft and looming MLB trade deadline, the Los Angeles Lakers had to get in on the action. The Lakers acquired Russell Westbrook in a trade with the Washington Wizards and The Daily Tip broke it all down on Friday morning. 

Chelsa Messinger and Michael Jenkins discussed this move and how to bet on the Lakers now that Westbrook has joined LeBron James. The main concern for Jenkins is whether or not Westbrook can adjust to playing with James. 

“Russell Westbrook has never been a great team basketball player,” Jenkins said. “He’s been a great and an efficient offensive player … The question is, can Russ adjust?” 

And at the same time Jenkins said, “I think he can,” Messinger said, “I don’t think he can.” 

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The debate made for a must-listen conversation, especially if you’re thinking about betting on the Lakers this season. Hear that and more in the audio above. 

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