Exclusive Offer: FanDuel

BetQL users have the opportunity to take advantage of this deal

To claim FanDuel’s risk-free bet promotion, you need to make a deposit ($0-500) and be a new customer. If your first bet loses, FanDuel will refund that loss - up to $500 - in site credit within 72 hours. The site credit expires after 14 days. Unlike most sportsbooks, you can withdraw that site credit, but only after wagering an amount equal to the credit. Site credits are counted towards winnings. 

Example: You deposit $75. On your very first bet, you wager $50 and lose. FanDuel will add $50 in site credit to your account. Your account will now have $50 in site credit and $25 in cash. You cannot withdraw the $50 in site credit until you wager $50. Let’s say you place a $75 bet, using $50 in site credit and $25 in cash to win $150 and hit. Your account will now have $100 in cash and $50 in site credit. You can now withdraw the full $150.