Exclusive Offer: Bet365

BetQL users have the opportunity to take advantage of this deal


Bet365 will match deposit - up to $100 -- in bet credits. In order to release credits, you must place bets equal to the initial deposit amount. Bet credits cannot be withdrawn and are excluded from any winnings. Credits must be used within 30 days of receipt. $10 minimum deposit required.


1. You deposit $75. An additional $75 in bet credits are automatically added to your account. You must place $75 worth of bets in order to unlock and use bet credits.

2. You create an account and deposit $75. You now have two $10 bet credits and $75 in cash. Your very first cash wager is $50 and it misses. Now you still have the two $10 credits, $25 cash ($75 minus $50) and $50 in bonus money. You must put the $50 in bonus money on the line before you can withdraw it.