BetQL's Best MLB Trends for June: Giants Over Unders

The MLB Model Barely Missed on Giants Totals Bets in June

In the month of June, the BetQL model was 19-4 (82%) on San Francisco Giants totals bets, winning its last six straight bets of the month

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Over the last month of June, the BetQL model must have the cheat sheet on how to bet Giants totals. Winning at an 82% clip over an entire month of games is incredible, and with the data and analytics that our model collects and uses to more accurately predict the outcome of games, it’s now possible. The best sports gamblers in the world win around 55-60% of the time, and our model continues to identify trends and data quicker than any human would be able to, which leads to a higher winning percentage than ever before.

The Giants are just one example of this, but what an example they are. The team has easily been the biggest surprise of the 2021 MLB season, leading the very tough NL West Division by 0.5 games with a 53-31 record. Most thought this would be a two-team race between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres, but the Giants had other ideas. Our model was able to adjust to this hot play quickly, and despite the thought of many that the team will fade, they have not. We have been able to make smarter, more informed bets on this team’s totals thanks to our ability to adapt with each game.

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Catch Up with the San Francisco Giants

As mentioned above, it’s remarkable what the Giants have been able to do this season. They have the best winning percentage in baseball at .624%, and they have shown no signs of slowing down. Between them and the Boston Red Sox, we’ve seen some really shocking play this season. While Boston has also been surprising with how good they have been, I think most would still have picked them to be a contender over San Francisco.

This type of play couldn’t be possible without breakout players contributing where many didn’t think anything of them. Shortstop Brandon Crawford has been a god-send for the team so far this year, batting .264 with 17 homers and 52 RBI. Catcher Buster Posey and third baseman Evan Longoria have turned back the clock, and have been producing at an elite level like they did when they were young stars.

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But where the surprises really start is with their pitching staff. Relative unknowns like Anthony Desclafani have nine wins on the season with a sub-3.00 ERA, while pitchers like Kevin Gausman have taken the next step towards stardom. Gausman has a 1.74 ERA to go along with 124 K’s. Starters like Alex Wood and Johnny Cueto have held down the fort as third and fourth slot rotation guys. When you combine the number of surprising things that have went positively for the Giants this year, it all leads to a great record and a dangerous team that other can’t figure out.

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