College Football Model Review: Through Week 13

BetQL's NCAA Football algorithm has been performing well all season long

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Week 13 is in the books and college football’s regular season is nearing its end. BetQL’s NCAAF Model had another solid week, going 32-24-5 (57.1%, +9.25 average return) against the spread and 191-128-47 (59.9%) across all weekly bet types. Further, the algorithm went 28-15-1 ATS (65.1% +24.61 average return) on all two-star (and better) bets

Over the last year, our model has now gone 220-170-13 (56.4%, +5.1 average return) on 5-star spread bets.

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The algorithm has also been dominant for certain teams and conferences over the course of the season, including: 

  • 41-14-11 (74.55%, 30.42 average return) on all Virginia bets. 

  • 10-0-1 ATS on UNLV bets (100%, 90.91 average return). 

  • 63-27-29 Mountain West 1H totals (63%, 20.13 average return). 

While Week 14 will be dominated by the hype surrounding the Michigan/Ohio State and Auburn/Alabama games, there are a number of opportunities to find a betting edge and it’s never too late to start making informed, data-driven wagers! 

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