The Crickets From The Kevin Durant Rumor Mill Are A Telling Sign

Few odds even make sense now other than staying put in Brooklyn with Kyrie Irving

You hear that? Crickets. That's all you hear right now coming from the Brooklyn Nets.

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are still with the team, and we can't even get so much as a crumb of a rejected trade rumor at this point.

The more and more this whole situation drags on, the more and more I'm convinced they're running it all back with this duo in October.

The Latest Odds

As of now, if you find Durant odds that include any team, you'll find the Nets as the favorite. As for odds that only include the "if Durant is traded" caveat, you'll still get the Celtics as your favorite at -175. After Boston, it's a whole bunch of teams that don't really make any sense anymore:

  • Phoenix Suns +350
  • Golden State Warriors +400
  • Toronto Raptors +400
  • Portland Trail Blazers +900
  • Memphis Grizzlies +1200
  • Los Angeles Clippers +1400

Phoenix can't or already hasn't been willing to part with essentially anyone the Nets would want, so we can just go ahead and rule them out. Golden State gets thrown around because Durant played there, but have we forgotten how that breakup went down? There's no way the Warriors are gutting that team for a soon-to-be 34-year-old Durant who already wasn't happy the last time he was in town. So they're out.

Toronto is interesting, but again, the decision there comes down to how much they're willing to part with, and is it worth it with Durant's age and injury history?

Honestly, every team in the NBA would have to weigh in on that, with only a few likely willing to sacrifice their future for a chance at maybe a couple prime years of KD in their city.

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Reality Check

The reality here comes down to the fact that not many teams have what the Nets want, or are even willing to give that up in return, and that's why the rumors have slowed to a complete stop.

The Nets are also clearly pushing back, similar to what Daryl Morey did in Philly. They're not just bending the knee at Durant's request, instead waiting for what they want, and keeping some of the control in the situation. Durant has four years left on his deal, and the Nets aren't willing to enter a sudden rebuild just because he's pouting again.

Kyrie has already reportedly made it clear he's fine sticking around, even if Durant is gone. If Durant is smart, he'll realize this is his best chance to win another title, given the depth and talent that's around him.

Anywhere else he's putting on the uniform of a watered-down roster, with likely no shot at competing. But in Brooklyn, they at least have the pieces to truly contend.

When this is all said and done, expect Durant and Irving to stay right where they are, and run it back at least one more time.