Kyrie Irving And Nets Getting Closer To Divorce

Fifth-best odds to win NBA title would take huge hit if Kevin Durant also leaves

It just keeps getting worse for the Brooklyn Nets.

As the Kyrie Irving trade rumors heat up, and Kevin Durant possibly asking out of Brooklyn being the next domino to fall, it's become clear that this Nets team has already taken the crown of the biggest disaster of the "Super Team" era.

With the Nets having already been at an "impasse" over the length of a deal with Irving, which clearly is a sign that they see what any reasonable person can see -- that there's no evidence they can count on him to play all season -- the issues just keep snowballing.

You need talent to win in the NBA, but this is playing with fire. When the personalities don't click, or you lack chemistry on the court, things are doomed, and that's exactly what's happening in Brooklyn.

The Nets' future is really dark.

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A Massive Failure

This team has been a mess since they tried their original Big Three, and James Harden wanted out almost as soon as he walked in the door. Now Ben Simmons is there in his place, but he's one giant question mark, too. Oh, and let's not forget we still have no idea whether or not Steve Nash can actually coach since his roster has been a revolving door since he got there.

The Nets sit with the fifth-best odds to win the NBA Finals in 2023 (+830 consensus), but we can all agree that number will change the minute Kyrie is gone, even with Durant still on the roster. Hopefully, you stayed away from this market with the Nets so far, because you're likely not going to be happy with their offseason.

They say "when there's smoke there's fire" for a reason, and once we saw this clip circulating on social media, it was pretty obvious the situation was eroding even more between the two sides.

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Add that to the report from Brian Windhorst that the Nets are prepared to have both Durant and Irving leave, and they'd rather go through that "than go through what they went through last season," and, I mean, all you can say is...damn.

If you were ever looking for the best example of how toxic things have been in Brooklyn, there's your answer right there.

This whole debacle looks even worse for the Nets given the return they sent to the Rockets for Harden. Houston owns the rights to, or can swap picks with Brooklyn in each of the next five years. With the chance of this team suddenly staring down the lottery sooner than expected, just like with the Kevin Garnett-Paul Pierce deal years ago, the Nets will have no avenue to even rebuild again, and could be on the losing end of another horrible trade gone wrong.

Sure, money fixes a lot of things, and there's a chance both sides figure it out, but it sure doesn't seem like the Nets are willing to spend what it would take to make things right with Kyrie.

The NBA offseason is always its own reality show, and 2022 is clearly starting off with plenty of drama.

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