Joey Knish: "It's Bucks or Nothing"

Knish and Norris Talk NBA Playoffs and NFL

Yesterday, Joey Knish and Josh Norris joined Nick Kostos and Ken Barkley on You Better You Bet to talk NBA Playoffs and NFL.

Here are some of the most notable nuggets from the show:

Knish on Nets-Bucks

If there's any sign this game starts going away, you have to mail it in from a health and a rest perspective. If you're down 20 in the second quarter, I think they pull everybody.

What you got out of Harden yesterday was a guy who was standing around the 3-point line ... He had nothing in the tank to be able to execute anything.

I think this line is going to keep steaming up. Saw 3.5 in the morning, it is up to 5 and it'll close around there. Unless you get another historic KD game, I think at the first sign of trouble, they're going to mail it in and goto Game 7.

It's Bucks or nothing.

Norris on Burrow and Bengals

Burrow was really solid as a rookie. From an eye test perspective, his arm was a little weaker than we expected it to be, but he doesn't force throws. He understands his limitations.

He was one of the worst deep ball throwers last year, so what did they do? They went out and got Ja'Marr Chase, who with Burrow at LSU led the nation in 2019 with 20+ yard touchdowns.

Now because Chase is in the fold, they're almost being drafted in fantasy like they are the Dallas Cowboys before heading into last season. Tyler Boyd is underrated and he fits so well in this offense.

I'm still trying to figure out who Zac Taylor is. I think this team might be bad from a win/ loss perspective. They won't compete for the division. Could be one of those teams where the overall record isn't good, but the offense can put up points on a weekly basis.

Norris on Steelers

It was excruciating to watch them last season. I'm not sure what the Steelers are trying to be. By their actions of drafting Harris, they want to go back to this traditional, old-school mindset. But, the best way to have rushing and running back production is with a great offensive line and they've just failed to invest there.

It's a bit of an identity crisis and we also believe this is Ben's last season. Love the pass catchers, do not love the distributor. Overall, I'm quite concerned about Ben's offense and how much he is going to adapt to the changes that they want him to make.

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