A Look At The Early BIG3 Title Odds

Because anyone missing the NBA needs more basketball

A Look At The Early BIG3 Title Odds

The NBA season is done, and even though the offseason is its own monster, at times there's just that itch for any die-hard hoops fan to have some actual basketball to watch (well, bet on, really), as opposed to another day of Kyrie Irving and his drama. Sure, the BIG3 isn't the same basketball, you know, given that whole three-on-three part of it, but all those former NBA players making you say "I wondered what happened to him!" brings back a little nostalgia, and makes it worth watching.

Also, if I'm being honest, the names are wild and make it worth writing about just so I can use them.

They're just getting into their fifth season and the first of the eight-week regular season wrapped up over the weekend at Credit Union 1 Arena in Chicago. Last year's champs, the Trilogy (+1200 to repeat on DraftKings) knocked off the 3 Headed Monsters last year to become the first-ever multi-time champions, and really I just wanted an excuse to actually type "3 Headed Monsters," but you also now have some important information as well, so you're welcome.

The Early Odds

Jarrett Jack was last year's star for the Trilogy, and he's back in the NBA on the Suns' coaching staff, which is why they have just the fifth-best odds to get back on top this time around. This year's favorites are the Triplets (+370), who have Joe Johnson and both Jeremy and Jannero Pargo, along with Ryan Hollins and Alonzo Gee, all with plenty of NBA experience.

Plus, Johnson has pretty much turned into a folk hero in his later playing days so that has to count for something too, right?

The Aliens, less original name aside, come in tied for the next-best chances at +650 along with those aforementioned 3 Headed Monsters (better name). Ghost Ballers and 3's Company are both +750, with Tri-State at +800.

Mario Chalmers and Michael Beasley, who had 26 points in his debut, both bring that "I wondered what happened to him!" factor to 3's Company I was talking about, but also have some talent to put them near the top of the odds as well.

As for the rest of the odds: Bivouac (the most original name, obviously) +1400, Power +1400, Enemies and Killer 3's +1500, and the Ball Hogs way down at +2000. Apparently, Leandro Barbosa and Jodie Meeks aren't bringing much respect from the books to the Hogs right now.

Week 2 once again will be in Chicago, before the rest of the season is played out in Dallas at Comerica Center.

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