MLB Simulation: 2022 Pennants & World Series

We simulated every postseason game 10,000 times; here are the results

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After simulating every MLB postseason game 10,000 times, our model has projected its American League and National League Pennant winners and World Series champion! Scroll down to check out the forecasted results and take advantage of the current odds with our exclusive sportsbook offers!

American League Pennant: Astros

We project the Astros to beat the Yankees in the American League Championship series (64% probability) with the most probable outcome being a Houston victory in six games (21% probability). 

Since Houston has a first-round bye due to their seeding, the model is giving them a 61.4% chance to beat the Blue Jays, who are projected to get by the Mariners in the Wild Card Round. 

The Yankees also have a first-round bye due to their seeding and the model is giving them a 57% chance to get past the Guardians, who are projected to beat the Rays in the Wild Card Round. 

The best odds you can find on the Astros to win the AL Pennant right now is +175 at DraftKings.

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