MLB Playbook: Betting Lines, Odds & Picks for Saturday, July 2

Today's MLB betting odds, trends and picks you need to know

MLB Betting Playbook for Saturday

Saturday is a huge day in MLB, with a massive 16-game schedule for us to sort out here and give some great information on. As always with our betting playbook, we'll have all the latest trends and best bets that you'll want to know before placing a wager on one of these games.

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McClanahan vs. Gausman should make for one of the best matchups of the day in baseball, as both teams vie to catch up with the Yankees in the AL East standings.

The Orioles have actually been far better than I think any one of you could have predicted, and are one of the best teams in baseball on the run line.

The White Sox have been a massive disappointment this season after so much hype building up for them over the previous few. After a 10 year rebuild, they have nothing to show.

Pittsburgh has also been one of those teams that just loves to steal money from you when you bet against them, and they showed that with a sweep of the Dodgers earlier in the season.

Two teams in the gutter and going nowhere fast this season, the Nationals are about to offer Juan Soto the biggest contract in MLB history, while the Marlins have a plethora of young starting pitching to build around.

Don't sleep on the Phillies this season as perhaps a World Series sleeper team, and one that could really stand out down the stretch if they can get healthy. The Cardinals offer that same sneaky value.

The Angels are a conundrum that simply cannot be solved, as Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani are the two best players in baseball, but the team as a whole hasn't excelled. The Astros continue to do Astro things (not cheat, hopefully).

The Reds have quietly become competitive after being a complete dumpster fire to start the season. The Braves have righted the ship, and look to be back competing for a World Series title again.

The Mets are in the midst of one of those special seasons that come around every so often, where everything and anything just seems to go right. The Rangers signed some big names this off-season, but it hasn't exactly translate to success.

The Mariners keep trying to get back to .500 on the season, but after every winning streak, there seems to be a losing one. The Athletics, in my opinion, are the worst team in MLB.

Well, this certainly is a terrible game. The Royals are very bad, while the Tigers are just bad. This is one of those "Rather watch paint dry" scenarios.

Game 2 of the day between these two teams probably won't be as good as the first game in terms of the pitching matchup, but it will still be very important in the standings.

The Yankees are on another planet right now, completely cracked out and having one of the best seasons we have seen in a long time. The Guardians changed their name, but they can't change who they are, which has been a middle-of-the-road team for the last several years.

Dodgers and Padres is always an exciting match, but this one will be without superstar Fernando Tatis Jr. Yu Darvish and Tyler Anderson will make it entertaining, however.

The Cubs are not rebuilding, at least according to their ownership, but that should be expected for a team in the third largest market in baseball. Yet, they are almost 20 games under .500 with very little talent and no spent money. "The Red Sox are going to win the World Series." - Lucy Burdge after this game, probably.

Dallas Keuchel vs. Austin Gomber should have been the plot of the movie "Superbad", but then we wouldn't have gotten McLovin. You may feel an earthquake shortly after this game starts, but don't worry. That's just all the baseballs landing outside of the park after getting nuked at 100+ MPH.