Top 3 MLB Games Of The Day For Saturday, July 2

The best matchups, all in one place

It's always a fun time when the Padres and Dodgers meet up, two of the very best teams in the National League with some of the hottest pitchers in baseball squaring off. Tonight we get Yu Darvish taking on Tyler Anderson, and while his name may not sound very sexy, Anderson has got all the right moves to make a batter look silly. Of course, we all miss Fernando Tatis Jr. and the excitement that he brings to this matchup, but we will have to make due without him on Saturday night.

Darvish started the year off pretty shaky, having a few bad contests in there that saw his ERA shoot up to over 6.00, but he has since started to find his groove again, and has lowered that number all the way down to 3.26 on the year. He also carries with him a very impressive WHIP of just 0.98, which is ninth in all of baseball. It should be noted however, that Darvish tends to struggle much more when he is on the road as compared to playing at home in San Diego. He has a 4.93 ERA on the road compared to just a minuscule 1.75 at home. That could play a huge factor in this game.

Anderson has a very pedestrian name, but he has some exceptional stuff. He's packing a 3.23 ERA on the year over 78.0 innings of work, as well as a very low 1.04 WHIP, which shows you just how great he has really been at limiting his opponents. His home ERA of 2.97 is even better than his overall, so he has been great at home in Dodger Stadium. Did I mention yet that he is also 8-1 on the season, and he is a perfect 5-0 at home without taking a single loss?

Yup, this is going to be good.

You're going to have to be up early for this one, especially if you live on the West Coast. The Rays and Blue Jays battle it out head-to-head in an AL East showdown between two teams trying to keep pace with the Yankees. The Rays will be sending Shane McClanahan out to the mound, who is one of the early favorites to win the AL Cy Young award. On the other side of the hill, the Blue Jays will have Kevin Gausman going for them, and he has had a pretty good season of his own. All in all, another great matchup awaits us.

McClanahan has been stellar, to say the very least. He has just a 1.77 ERA in 91.1 innings of work already this year, which is remarkably good. His WHIP is even better, sitting at an MLB-best 0.83 on the year, indicating that he doesn't give up many hits or walks to opposing teams. What may be most impressive about him is how easily he has been able to fool batters, and his 123 strikeouts on the year are the most in baseball as of right now. He has seriously nasty stuff, and his accuracy with it has been pinpoint. Hilariously enough, he has actually been better on the road than at home. He has a 1.48 road ERA compared to a 1.88 at home, to go along with an 8-3 record overall. This guy is a wagon.

Gausman has struggled as of late, but overall, he's still been very good. He holds a 2.93 ERA on the season, to go along with a respectable 1.24 WHIP. He doesn't have the spectacular numbers that McClanahan has, but nevertheless is a good pitcher. Unfortunately, he has been worse at home this season than he has been on the road, posting a 3.95 home ERA compared to just a 2.00 road. His OBA also skyrockets at home to .300, up from .238 on the road.

I had to include this one simply because this is perhaps the most comical pitching matchup we could have gotten this season in MLB, and thank goodness we get to watch it unfold. Dallas Keuchel and Austin Gomber are quite literally two of the very worst starting pitchers in baseball this season, and you can get ready for all the fireworks we are about to see on the fourth by watching this game, as they will be starting two days early. At Coors Field, I am not exaggerating when I say that this could end up being the highest scoring game in MLB history.

Keuchel is a shell of his former Cy Young self, with an incredibly bad 7.93 ERA and the worst WHIP I have seen in a long time, sitting at 2.15. He was released by the White Sox after eight of the worst starts you can imagine, and has found his way to the Diamondbacks just by necessity due to an injury to starter Zach Davies. His ERA away? 12.27, the worst mark in baseball, and now he gets to go to Coors Field with that stuff. Hope you brought your glove.

Gomber is almost as bad as Keuchel, but nothing could be that bad. Gomber literally lost his spot in the starting rotation because he couldn't stop letting up runs, but will get another crack at it on Saturday. The lefty has a horrendous 6.55 ERA this season in 67.1 innings of work, with a terrible 1.49 WHIP. His home ERA at Coors Field? An atrocious 6.68 with a 1-4 record.

I am really excited to see the O/U number that sportsbooks list for this one. I would imagine it could be the highest total to be set in years with how bad these dudes are. However, it is a game of the day for me, because I cant wait to see all the nuke jobs these turkey tossers will be letting up Saturday night. Should be a lot of fun!