The Cubs Need To Make This Free Agent Signing To Be Relevant In 2022

Signing Marcus Stroman was a start, but this would instantly give them a different outlook

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Cubs +10000 To Win The World Series

Okay, so we know this isn't going to happen, let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Unless that random old guy in Back to the Future Part ll was right about the Cubbies winning the World Series as a 100/1 shot, this is a complete stay away. But the question remains on if Chicago will at least be competent in 2022. There are signs there that ownership doesn't plan to have a bad team strolling out onto the field for too long, indicating that the Cubs may be looking to make a major move before the start of the season. They already made a big splash with the signing of star starting pitcher Marcus Stroman, who will be a key piece of this "rebuild" that is taking place on the North side.

His signing is just another indication that Chicago has something big planned in the near future, we just don't know what. They have plenty of money to spend now that they have traded away virtually their entire championship core, so that shouldn't be an issue for a team in the third biggest market in the country. From what we have seen from the Ricketts family, they are willing to spend up to a certain threshold, which they are now well short of.

That begs the question of who will the Cubs go after now that they have added another starting pitcher to the rotation? There are plenty of options on the table, but only one that will vault the Cubs back into baseball relevancy.

Carlos Correa Immediately Would Make Cubs Competitive

Now, again, I'm not saying they are going to win a World Series or even make a deep playoff run. But bringing Carlos Correa to the North side would immediately make the Cubs a relevant team again that people will want to watch. In turn, the money would start pouring into the team, allowing them even more flexibility of when and how to spend their cash. The roster obviously needs way more than just Correa and Stroman to be a title contender, but it would certainly be a start, and it would show a willingness by ownership to spend money getting a competitive team on the field at Wrigley.

Fans were devastated when the team traded away long-time beloved stars Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant and Javier Baez, but the change of scenery was needed for both the organization and the players. By signing Correa, one of the best players in baseball and a proven winner in Houston, it gives ownership legitimacy in their decision to clean house and start again.

The problem may come with the fact that Correa just signed with infamous agent Scott Boras, who most baseball fans can't stand. He will do everything in his power to squeeze every last penny out of a team for a player, often getting an organization in big time trouble with the offers they make. It's why many teams refuse to conduct business with Boras, including the team on the South side of Chicago.

If the Cubs want Correa, the price just skyrocketed. That's why most Boras clients are on the Dodgers and Yankees, among other rich teams at some point in their career. If they get Correa, expect the Cubs to at least compete for a wild card spot.

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