Exploring The Cubs' Road Woes

Chicago has gone just 25-39 on the road this season

Keith Allison, Flickr

The Chicago Cubs are 69-61 and are barely holding onto the second National League Wild Card spot. 

But, they’re just 25-39 on the road. 

  • For context, the only team in history to reach a World Series with a road record as bad as the Cubs have this year was the 1987 Minnesota Twins. The next-worst was the 2006 St. Louis Cardinals
  • Although both of those teams won the title in those years, true contenders usually aren’t this awful on the road. 
  • Only the Miami Marlins (20-42) and Cincinnati Reds (24-38) have won fewer road games in the National League and only the Baltimore Orioles (21-42), Kansas City Royals (22-46) and Detroit Tigers (22-46) have won fewer in the American League.
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Their team statistics aren’t too concerning, either, which makes it especially odd. 

  • Offensively, they’ve recorded the following as visitors: 107 home runs (7th), .320 OBP (14th), 308 runs scored (17th), 38.4 Hard % (11th).
  • However, they’ve been one of the unluckiest offenses away from home in all of baseball (.286 BABIP — 25th). 
  • Defensively, their team ERA is 4.75 on the road (16th) and 3.56 at home (5th), which is a bit of a disparity, but still right in the middle of the pack. 

Therefore, the reason for Chicago’s road woes might be a result of some negative variance more than a singular, definable issue. They face the Mets tonight. Both teams opened at -110. 

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